The Original Dynamic Boppers


  Derek Cooley Bop Jaxson/Jackson

  Geron Caszper Canidate

  Maani-E Edwards

  Bryant Ramsey

  William Boogaloo Bill horn

  Tickin Henry Smith

  Tony Sweet Williams

  Verrane Slinky Tucker

  Marty Manning

  Corky Cortz

In 1971 the group name was the Dynamite Kids named by one of the group members Bryant Ramsey.  After several years later Cooley Jaxson change the name of the group to the Dynamic Boppers.  We have perfored at amusement parks and many television shows throughout the years to come. 


Now we are still here ready and willing the educaed and teach everyone the truth aboutwhere and how street dancing started.  Cooley and Caszper are credited for teaching Michael Jackson the Moonwalk aka Backslide.  Quote from wikipedia:

Derek (Cooley) Jackson and Geron (Caszper) Canidate taught Jackson the moonwalk. He saw Cooley & Caszper do the moonwalk dance on Soul Train, so he had his manager call Soul Train to introduce Cooley & Caszper to Jackson. The dance was brought to further public attention in 1983 when Jackson performed it during a television special, Motown 25: Yesterday, Today,  for more infomation please visit en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moonwalk_(dance).

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